What Clients are Saying ...

"I had a dramatic response to my last Healing Touch session. I was carrying a lot of stress due to the recent change in my job status. I'd been dealing with physical pain and emotional exhaustion. I left the session feeling like someone who'd slept for 12 hours, more refreshed and awake than I'd ever anticipated feeling! The rest of that evening continued with a renewed sense of energy, wakefulness, and inner lightness. This is very different than feeling wired. Quite the contrary: I felt grounded and present and energized. Thank you again for your gifted skill and wise, compassionate caring."

"Through Healing Touch, I experienced deep physical, emotional, and spiritual healing from depression, anxiety, and insomnia. During Healing Touch sessions, I'm able to tend to the places that need healing in such a deep, powerful way, and then apply this to other areas of my life between sessions. Healing Touch helps me feel more whole and hopeful that I'll continue to heal and grow."

"I am a 67-year-old metastatic breast cancer patient whose first Healing Touch session with Rosann Geiser was a gift from my daughter. I knew nothing about Healing Touch until that first visit; I now visit Rosann whenever I'm in town. I feel calm, warm and comfortable with her. I hoped for complete relaxation; each session has brought other unique gifts. My initial disbelief has been replaced by a willingness to accept even unusual results. I have imagined myself floating in pink clouds; I have also felt unexplained touch, insistent warmth beyond that provided by Rosann's hands, deep relaxation and a feeling of calm trust. We both set the intention that my immune system will keep the metastasis sites in my body on "pause." I enlist her help to continue traveling with my husband."

"With Healing Touch, I feel like it goes places within me that never got attention with massage. I always felt relaxed after massage and my muscles had fewer knots. With Healing Touch I feel as if my whole being is cared for. The relaxation is deeper and soulful. It's like a massage for the soul!"

"When you do Mind Clearing as part of Healing Touch, it feels like a brain bath!"

"I was skeptical at first. But after regular Healing Touch sessions, I’m a believer. Healing Touch helped me stay more centered and grounded during some very stressful times at work."

"Your hands were the instrument to help me bring into focus what I needed to see in my life."

"I wanted to let you know that when we did the Healing Touch session I kept seeing something up on the right side of my brain. Forgiveness of my ex- came to me many times through the healing. I went for my CAT scan and it showed a tiny bit of scarring that probably happened 20 years ago when he hit me. That is just miraculous that I had that image and thought of forgiveness from that healing session and then they found that in my brain. It isn't causing any damage but is interesting to say the least."

"I know that Healing Touch made a difference in my healing process. Each time the doctor saw my foot, it had improved more than he had estimated. In addition to helping with the physical healing, the Healing Touch has also greatly increased my sense of security and safety. I really needed this emotional and spiritual healing as much as the physical."

"I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me. I realize now that I have been carrying a lot of stuck energy filled with guilt, hurt and fear. After my Healing Touch session, I feel much better. The memories are still there but it doesn’t hurt as much. When the day comes and I meet with my mother again—I am not afraid. It’s hard to explain—all I know is that something happened."

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