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Healing Touch Session

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Healing Touch is about presence. We respectfully listen to, wait for, and trust the inner healing process of you, the client.   At your first appointment we will review your lifestyle, medical history, and any current physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual concerns. We will set short-term and long-term goals for treatment and ongoing wellness. 



After the intake interview, you will be invited to lie on a treatment table fully clothed. We use light touch on or just above the body. Typically, clients will experience relaxation, reduction of stress and/or relief of pain during a session.  Each client's experience is unique, experiencing a variety of sensations such as tingling, temperature fluctuations, internal movement, or emotional release ... or no sensations at all.

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You will have an opportunity to rest at the end of the session which allows the work to integrate. We'll spend a few minutes discussing your experience, any insights you gained, and things you can do to continue the healing process. Your energy may continue to shift for a few days after the session.


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Healing Touch Session Cost

Associates for Life Treatment Room or Remote Session: $80
Client Home or Hospital Session: $90 plus mileage beyond 25 miles

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For More Information about Healing Touch

Go to the Healing Touch Program website.

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