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Healing Touch

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The Power of Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a heart-centered, energy-based therapy in which a practitioner of Healing Touch incorporates the power of intention with hands-on techniques to facilitate healing in another person. It is based on the concept that our being doesn't stop at the skin. Through direct or indirect contact by the practitioner, the energy field surrounding the person is influenced. This promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being and balance. There is a growing body of research demonstrating the concept of energy fields surrounding the body, measuring those fields and documenting the positive effects of energy based medicine.

Mothers and grandmothers have known for generations that children thrive on human touch. Many cultures and religions have practiced "laying on of hands" as part of the healing process. Even modern medical practice is accepting healing touch as part of a plan of care. Nurses use touch in soothing and comforting patients. Using touch as part of the healing process is not an alternative to traditional medicine, but a complement to it.


Research on the benefits of Healing Touch and other energy-based modalities continues to grow as new studies are completed. Published, unpublished and pilot studies have been conducted looking at the impact of Healing Touch therapies on many conditions and symptoms and support the use of Healing Touch in a variety of ways.  For more information go to Healing Touch Research.


Each person's reason for seeking and the experience with Healing Touch is unique.  Some people receive Healing Touch regularly to maintain health and well-being; some to prevent illness, and others to address a specific issue.  Healing Touch is not a substitute for treatments and prescriptions from your health care provider but rather should be integrated with ongoing healthcare. 

  • Physical Benefits
    Surgery Fractures Headaches/Migraines Neck/Back Problems Pain

For more information,

go to the Healing Touch Program website.

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